1. Welcome to Hollywood


    I saw this guy the other day, holding a sign that said “JESUS PUTS D SONG IN MY (heart)” and dancing in the crosswalk at Hollywood and Highland.  And he seriously looked as if he had d song in his heart.  The man was ecstatic.  At first, I didn’t even really see him.  It’s Hollywood and Highland.  To put this in perspective for those of you who are not from LA, on the opposite corner Elmo and Jack Sparrow were having a conversation with each other.  This is Hollywood.  There is very little that seems out of place.  I’m glad I snapped a picture though, because the more I thought about it, the more I realized how crazy this place is, and how much I adore it.  That’s right: I adore it.  I don’t have a lot of patience for LA haters.  The sun is shining, there are palm trees lining the streets, and Jesus has put d song in that man’s heart.  What’s not to love?  

    Speaking of Jesus, he’s one of my favorite people I see wandering the streets on a regular basis.  He keeps more toward West Hollywood, and he only really comes out when the weather is nice, but there he is.  Posing for pictures with tourists and staring at traffic from below the Chateau Marmont.

    I think it might be healthy to see a little bit of crazy every day.  Unexpected, out of the ordinary, completely weird things.  And LA’s good for that.  To illustrate, I’m going to share with you some tweets from a source called WeHo Daily (WeHo, as in West Hollywood).  They’re good for instant local news updates that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  Seriously though; you will not see this kind of news anywhere else.  (If you do not understand how Twitter works, I cannot help you at this time.  But call me sometime this weekend and we’ll start at the beginning…)

    My Favorite Recent Tweets from @wehodaily (in Reverse Chronological Order):

    • here’s a little writeup of dog drama from yesterday RT : Dog leaps off WeHo balcony, gets stuck in railing 
    • RT It’s too bad Newt’s bus didn’t breakdown in front of Rage. That would have been a kiss from baby Jesus.
    • RT : Obama is nearby so none of us can leave the Fox lot. I hope that tweet doesn’t violate some kind of Secret Service rule…
    • angry man foaming at the mouth on mccadden pl near santa monica blvd
    • nearby: man armed with a rake at olympic and sepulveda trying to hit passing vehicles
    • report of a female locked inside bathroom at gateway center “smoking drugs” refusing to come out, sheriff going to help
    • Sunset between Ivar and Vine will be closed tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m for “Act of Valor” premiere at 
    • RT : A bunch of Navy Seals are literally parachuting from the sky over Cahuenga Blvd. IT’S RAINING MEN! Thank you Jesus!!
    • bomb squad is detonating the device NOW
    • two guys fighting at yogurt stop on sm blvd. one bleeding from the head.
    • there is a man who is showing his little man or something else indecent in street on wilshire near el rey theatre, lapd checking
    • Hmmm RT   creepy guy with glass eye tried to walk into our apartment on croft. This happen to anyone else?
    • small chihuahua running loose in the street around fountain and sweetzer — call the sheriff ASAP if it is YOUR dog! 
    • naked man in the street at santa monica and western, LAPD helicopter overhead and ground units coming in with a taser
    • man in a tree on sweetzer. may be on something. climbed 2 floors high & tried to hold conversation with resident on her balcony.

    Just to be clear, those are all tweets from the last two weeks.  This is why people call it Hollyweird.  It’s weird.  And not ever boring.  Just the way I like it.  For reals - West Hollywood Jesus puts d song in my heart.